July 14, 2017 Meeting – San Joaquin Employees Retirement Association Board of Retirement

2017 Annual SJCERA Investment Roundtable Agenda August 17, 2017

2017-2018 Real Estate Implementation Plan Memo

PCA Infrastructure Investing Educational Presentation

PCA Investment Marketing Risk Metrics Monthly Report

Real Estate Strategy and Proposed Implemenation Plan – June 2017

PCA Market Sentiment Indicator – Explanation, Construction and Q&A

SJCERA Performance Flash Reports by Manager through May 2017

Public Pension Fund Comparison

RVK Public Pension Fund Universe Analysis

Analysis of Educational Employees’ Supplementary Retirement System of Fairfax County versus a universe of Public Pension Fund Participants

Data through December 31, 2016

Includes capital markets review, asset class reviews and asset class performance

page 13 – Fairfax county has 100% externally managed (like majority of peer group)

page 13 – Active management %  (+90) is higher (ranked #8 overall) than peers (but not the highest of peer group)




Investment Advisory Committee Meeting State of Michigan Retirement Systems March 9, 2017

Investment Advisory Committee Meeting March 9, 2017

Investment Performance

Org Chart Investment Staff


Basket Clause Review and Disclaimer

Absolute and Real Return Review

Executive Summary and New Commitments

Private Equity Review

Domestic Equity

Fixed Income Review

Asset Allocation Review

International Equity Review

Agenda and Minutes IAC Meeting March 9, 2017

Markets Review and Outlook

Real Estate and Infrastructure Review