Nebraska Investment Council

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Document #1

  • DC Best Practices presentation from State Street Global Advisors

Document #2

  • Presentation by plan’s law firm on Long Term investments (discussion of private equity funds terms and conditions, investment process, case law, etc.)

Document #3

  • Presentation by Aon on Private Markets Secondaries

Document #4

  • Asset allocation analysis by Aon and “changes that can be made to the return-seeking portfolio to enhance long-term return forecasts (and/or reduce portfolio volatility)….at least at the margin”
  • Forecasted returns by asset class, forecasted volatilities and Aon’s view on whether the asset class is worth of consideration, plus comments on each asset class
  • Three changes to asset allocation policy worth considering
  • Five new potential asset allocation scenarios examined
    • Modify equities allocation
    • Credit
    • Reducing equity/increasing alts
    • etc.

March 9, 2017 SDCERS (San Diego) Meeting Agenda Items

4Q 2016 Performance Summary Total Fund and Market Update

2017 Investment Committee Planning Calendar

Asset Allocation Status Report

Consultant Memo on Core RE Manager Strategy #2

Consultant Memo on Core RE Manager Strategy

Consultant Presentation on Core RE Index

Core Real Estate Manager Presentation

Core Real Estate Strategy #2

Global Economic Overview – New Regimes for a Changing World

IMA Transition Update and Redeployment Strategy Presentation by Consultant

Investment Staff Report of Activities Dated Feb 24, 2017

Period ending September 30, 2016 Monitoring Report PE and Infrastructure

Public Markets Investment Staff Report February 24, 2017

Q3 2016 PE and Infrastructure Performance Report

Sept 30, 2016 Quarterly Report PE and Infrastructure Performance Report and Market Overview

Staff Report Approval $15M Core RE Commitment

Staff Report Approval $45M Core RE Commitment

Third Quarter 2016 Private Equity and Infrastructure Performance Report Consultant #2

Third Quarter 2016 RE Performance Review

San Diego City Employees Retirement Board of Administration Investment Committee Meeting, January 2017

Grosvenor Capital Management’s Wind and Sea Portfolio Overview


PIMCO 2017 Emerging Markets Outlook


Parametric Cash Overlay


Q3 2016 Portfolio Overview Aon


Q3 2016 Staff Investment Report


Q3 2016 Manager Monitoring Report