Nebraska Investment Council

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Document #1

  • DC Best Practices presentation from State Street Global Advisors

Document #2

  • Presentation by plan’s law firm on Long Term investments (discussion of private equity funds terms and conditions, investment process, case law, etc.)

Document #3

  • Presentation by Aon on Private Markets Secondaries

Document #4

  • Asset allocation analysis by Aon and “changes that can be made to the return-seeking portfolio to enhance long-term return forecasts (and/or reduce portfolio volatility)….at least at the margin”
  • Forecasted returns by asset class, forecasted volatilities and Aon’s view on whether the asset class is worth of consideration, plus comments on each asset class
  • Three changes to asset allocation policy worth considering
  • Five new potential asset allocation scenarios examined
    • Modify equities allocation
    • Credit
    • Reducing equity/increasing alts
    • etc.

July 14, 2017 Meeting – San Joaquin Employees Retirement Association Board of Retirement

2017 Annual SJCERA Investment Roundtable Agenda August 17, 2017

2017-2018 Real Estate Implementation Plan Memo

PCA Infrastructure Investing Educational Presentation

PCA Investment Marketing Risk Metrics Monthly Report

Real Estate Strategy and Proposed Implemenation Plan – June 2017

PCA Market Sentiment Indicator – Explanation, Construction and Q&A

SJCERA Performance Flash Reports by Manager through May 2017