Dec 8-9, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting

Page 58 – Alaska Retirement Management Board (ARMB) Financial Report (as of Oct. 31, 2016)

Page 69 – ARMB, Reporting of Funds by Manager, All Non‐Participant Directed Plans

Page 92 – ARMB Private Equity Portfolio Review and Performance Analysis by Consultant

How it works, market conditions, private equity performance, manager profiles

Page 139 – ARMB Board Meeting, Investment Performance, (Preliminary Real Estate)

Periods Ended September 30, 2016

Market and Economic Environment, Performance, Review of Major Activities

Page 183 – Tactical Bond Strategy Presentation by Investment Manager

(Page 197 Macro update)

Page 231 – Large Cap Core Growth Presentation by Investment Manager

(Page 242 Research Overview, Page 245 Investment Process, Page 249 Attribution Performance Summary Through Q3 2016, Page 252 Holdings by Sector/Industry Group)

Page 266 – U.S. Small Cap Stock Presentation by Investment Manager

(Page 282 Investment Process, Page 284 Portfolio Construction, Page 301 Holdings as of Sept. 30, 2016)

Page 326 Global Growth Strategy Presentation by Investment Manager

Page 375 Emerging Markets Equity Presentation by Investment Manager


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